5 Best & Halal Ways to Meet Muslim Singles in 2023

The Proposal Team

08 Feb, 2023

Curious to know where to find and meet the perfect soul partner in 2023? We all know the struggle is real, and the process can be challenging and overwhelming. Therefore, we want you to experience as many options as possible this year. We aim to connect you with other like-minded single Muslims in every way possible.

Hence, we devised the best and most effective way to connect you with the other half in your area.

Following are the best and the Halal ways to meet Muslims in 2023.

  • Proposal Muslim Marriage App 

The best and most convenient way is to check out our Halal Muslim marriage app. "Proposal" is a free, Halal, interactive Muslim marriage app. We designed our app to create a sense of urgency and bring people out of their comfort zone. Call us a new kid on the block, but we are growing rapidly.

Our app works like magic. We understand how frustrating it is when two users match, yet breaking the ice on other apps takes forever. But on our app, likes, matches, and messages expire after 48 hours. It is not like the Bumble dating app, and oh god, we are not Muslim Bumble. Astaghfar.

On our app, anyone can make a move within 48 hours. Check out our "How it works" section to learn about our app.

In addition to the sense of urgency, we match people based on personality. We ask a series of questions such as "Do you live in the moment?" or "Is Deen more important to you than Duniya or Do you like to lead in a relationship?" Based on the user's responses, we match your score with others and show the profiles with similar scores that are the most compatible.

Our app is free to use, and that will never change. We also offer premium features to spice things up. You get unlimited taps and changes. You can download our app to experience the difference. One would never know that your Muslim partner could be only a tap away.

  • Experience Proposal IRL 

If you don't want to be ghosted on the best Muslim Dating Apps in 2023, you can hunt for proposals with live events.

The most highly demanded, well-organized events are the best way to meet single local Muslims in a serene environment. These events don't force you to play games or make you run around in a circle, put you under the spotlight, or bring awkward Muslim speed dating activities. MashAllah, the two events held in 2019 had a 40% success rate.

Moreover, the best part of these events is that you are welcome to bring your parents, friends, or anyone that can accompany you. If you are curious to know more about Muslim dating and meetup events in NYC, Toronto, Manchester, UK, London, and Canary Wharf, you can find the details on the Proposal app or consider signing up for our weekly newsletter for more updates or follow us on social media for our upcoming halal Muslim meetup events.

  • Proposal Chai & Connect

Another great way to meet single Muslims in 2023 is through our chai & connect events. These chill, laid-back, fun, interactive, and friendly chai & connect events are tailored to single Muslims. Moreover, such events are another reason to get you out of the house and meet like-minded individuals.

We all know that sometimes finding a marriage proposal can get over the nerves, so just relax and have some chai and chat. Who knows, you may find the ONE there and say love at first sip. You can bring your best friend and aunties or uncles to our events if they are not Rishta aunty or uncle (Matchmakers).

  • Muslim Conventions

Muslim conventions are a truly unique and unparalleled experience for the Muslim community. These events offer a vibrant and dynamic platform for individuals to come together and be a part of the community. Such events are filled with various programs where one can learn from Islamic scholars and motivational speakers. 

Furthermore, these events offer a chance to immerse oneself in the diverse cultures of the global Muslim community, fostering a sense of unity.  You can meet Muslims from Palestine, Syria, Pakistan, India, Morocco, and Somalia, just to name a few.

Every year many Muslim associations and organizations bring these conventions, and in our honest opinion, one must consider checking them out.

To save you time and convenience, below are some of North America's Mass Muslim conventions.

  • Mas ICNA:

Mas ICNA is North America's most well-known Muslim convention. Muslim American Society and Islamic Circle of North America (Mas ICNA) Convention is one of North America's largest annual Islamic conventions.

The 2022 Annual Convention of the MAS-ICNA was held in Chicago from 26-28 December 2022. Moreover, the next Muslim convention is scheduled for 28-30 December 2023 in Chicago.

Spend your winter vacations meeting new people and making memories. For the latest updates, you can check their website.

  • ISNA

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) has been serving the Muslim community for the last 58 years. The 60th Annual ISNA Convention will be held in Chicago from 1-4 September 2023. Check out their website to find out more about their upcoming events.

  • RIS

Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) Muslim convention occurs annually in Toronto, Canada, during the winter holiday season. In 2022, the event occurred between the 26th and 31st of December.

In addition to joining the convention and attending lectures by renowned scholars, you can also find your perfect match there. Visit their site for the latest information.

  • Community Events 

In many metropolitan cities, there are cultural organizations as well as Islamic charities that arrange fundraising events. These events are often put together with the help of many volunteers from the community and are a great way to meet local Muslims.

Islamic Relief Canada is an organization that arranges fundraising events across Canada, the US, and the UK. Consider volunteering at these events. In addition, Masjids throughout North America and the UK also bring many events for the community; it's a great way to connect with local Muslim families, make friends, and look for a potential partner.

Our unbiased and honest recommendation is to check everything out and have a positive outlook. From our marriage App to Proposal in real-life (IRL) events to Muslim conventions to fundraising events, check everything out, get out of your comfort zone, enjoy the process, have faith in Allah SWT, and remember as long as you make a sincere effort and leave no stone unturned, InshAllah, Allah SWT will reward you.

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